Friday, August 29, 2008

Tiaan Nagel

Look at the draping on this Techno fabric, Tiaan achieved this by using silk with a parachuting weave which was industrially heat washed to make it more pliable. This gave an amazing wobbly paper effect!
I am completely in love with the monochromatic minimalism of this dress...
We loved the jewellery by Marchandt, and the sheer skeletal feel of the collection
One of Tiaan's favourite pieces


St.jane said...

Tiaan Nagel is a wonderful talent that will go far. He just needs to mature a bit still. Not mad about his designs yet - is getting there. There has been this big hype about this young man especially from the Elle but I think there are more talented designers than him. Maybe it comes with age. Will not go out there yet to buy his garments.

marinda said...

Yes I agree with Jane. Nice but need some more work.